Matrikulasi Bahasa Inggris dan Arab: Upaya Penting PPB Meningkatkan Kemampuan Bahasa Mahasiswa

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  1. Rosa says:

    I’d recommend that you have a talk with the orthsdontiot who took them out before you do any of that. It’s normal to have them feel a bit rough after the braces come off.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts. It’s helped me a lot.

  3. Cant wait for the oscars. Hey f.c just wondering did versace do a couture collection this season because i cant find it on and you didnt blog on it so i wasnt sure. thanks

  4. Mae mía!!! jajajajajajaja….. Lo que hace el Marie Brizard… jajajajajaOye!, muy bonicas Casibonita y Sari…jajaja, a las demás no las conozco pero, ole! Saludos.

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